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14 Year Anniversary

BBbarfly is a Balisong (aka butterfly knife) style Bottle Opener. We are a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. Since our start up in 2010 we have designed, developed and produced our line of products which have been enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. Check out our PRODUCT PAGE to see what the buzz is all about.  



Another awesome video from the Balisong Flipping YouTube Channel.
Be sure to follow them for the best Balisong Content


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BBbarfly at Toronto Beer Festival

BBbarfly at Toronto Beer Fest



BBbarfly at the Montreal Beer Festival 

BBbarfly at Montreal Beer Festival


BBSuperFly Super-Cuda
BBSuperFly HS Talon
BBSuperFly KS
BBSuperFly TR

Barracuda Milled Sapphire Blue


Barracuda Milled Red and Black


BBFireFly ZX1 Talon Pink and Light Blue


BBFireFly V2 Trainer Series Black


BBFireFly V2 KS Purple


BBSuperFly Super-Cuda A



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14 Year Anniversary