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Complete product spec's below.


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The BBSuperFly brings you the highest quality in the Balisong Market. Full Grade 5 Titanium Construction with a hand tuned bushing system and exceptional fit and finish. You will receive a beautiful product with zero handle play or tap out of the box. At this price point the BBSuperFly simply cannot be beaten.

BBSuperFly KS Knife Style Opener

BBSuperFly HS Talon Hook Style Opener

BBSuperFly TR Trainer

BBbarfly Hard Case Closed
BBbarfly Card Case Open

This brand new Titanium BBbarfly Balisong is available with 3 different blade options. Full Product Spec's Below.

  • KS - Knife Style Bottle Opener
  • HS - Hook Style "Talon" Bottle Opener
  • TR - Trainer Blade (not a bottle opener :)

It comes with a bunch of goodies.

  • Carbon Fibre Style Branded Hard Case
  • Spare Hardware Kit + Torx T10 Driver
  • 2 BBbarfly Keychains
  • BBbarfly Sticker and Card


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BBSuperFly Specifications:


Handle Material: Grade 5 / 6AL-4V Titanium

Blade Material: 410 Stainless Steel Heat Treated, Precsion Ground and hand Polished

Bushings: Hand Fitted Hardened Steel

Washers: Phosphorus Bronze

Screws: Stainless Steel

Pivots : Steel

Weights: Brass

Length & Thickness

Handle Length From Pivots: 5.5"
Handle Thickness: 0.500"

Blade Length From Pivots:
KS: 4.438
HS: 4.562
TR: 4.438

Overall Length:
KS: 9.88
HS: 10.062
TR: 9.88


Overall Weight:
KS: 4.18 Oz + Weights 0.38 (total 4.56)
HS: 4.20 Oz + Weights 0.38 (total 4.58)
TR: 4.35 Oz + Weights 0.38 (total 4.73)

Balance is neutral without the weights and handle bias is adjustable by adding one or two weights in each handle.

BBSuperFly Angle A