Where is BBbarfly made?

BBbarfly is made in Toronto, Canada. 

Is BBarfly patented?

Yes. BBbarfly is both legally patented and trademarked.


How to Contact Us.

Use the Contact Page on this site and Provide your Order #.
Contacting us through Instagram or Facebook or any means other than the Contact Page on this site is unofficial as it is impossibe for us to know who we are talking to with any certainty.


Shipping FAQ

Does BBbarfly ship Worldwide?


Shipping Rates and Times

Upon adding items to your shopping cart and proceeding to checkout you will see the "Estimated" delivery date before making your purchase.
You will also see the cost of shipping to your particular location. The shipping rates come directly from Canada Post. Upon completing your order you will receive an order confirmation email from BBbarfly.com that will have this information printed on it. We may refer you to your order receipt if you send us an email asking for this information as you already have it.  

Why are they not shipped immediately?

All of our products are custom made to order. There is a build time between the order date and the actual shipping date. This is how we can offer you so many different options to customize your BBbarfly anyway you like. It would be impossible for us to pre-make every single design variation ahead of time. This is also why you can come to our website anytime and order exactly what you want whenever you are ready. You'll never see "Sold Out" or have to wait for "Drop" and settle for whatever you can get your hands on if you're even lucky enough to get that. 


As soon as your order is ready to ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation email from BBbarfly.com that contains the tracking details.

What if I don't see the emails coming from BBbarfly.com?

Please check your junk mail. Often times the emails may end up there. It is best to make sure you include us as a safe sender in your email program so that you can be sure you will receive emails from us. Don't worry, we never spam our customers with sales emails and useless newsletters every other day. We get enough of those and know how annoying it can be. We may send out one or two emails a year and even those have a link to unsubscribe. 

All of our shipping services include tracking and insurance. The insurance is provided by the Postal Services. In the case that a package is lost and an insurance claim is necessary, we will file a claim with the Postal Service. We cannot issue a refund until the Postal Service conducts their investigation process and grants the refund.

Taxes, Duties and Customs
Within Canada, taxes are automatically applied when you enter your shipping address.
Duties are applied by the country you are located in. We have absolutely no control over how they calculate and apply them.
Please contact your local customs office for any questions with regards to duties. 

All of our products are completely harmless and 100% legal throughout USA and Canada. We have shipped to almost every country throughout Europe without any issues but we cannot be 100% certain about every country and juresdiction and keep track of changes in laws and regulations. We will not be responsible if your import is confiscated by your Customs authorities for any reason.
For Customs regulations, please consult with your local authorities if you are unsure about the legality of products you are importing.


Payment FAQ

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. At the checkout page you will be directed to PayPal but you don't need a PayPal account to make your purchase.
Once you are directed to PayPal you will have the option to use any major credit card.

Security: Our site is secured however we do not collect any sensitive or financial information on our website. When you checkout, you will be directed to PayPal through a secure encrypted connection where you can safely complete your purchase. 

How do I know if my order and payment went through?

You will receive a receipt from BBbarfly.com with all the order and shipping details you provided. You should double check your details to make sure the shipping address is correct. If you made a mistake in your shipping details you should email us immediately so that we can make the correction.

You will also receive a receipt from PayPal once the transaction is complete.

What currency is BBbarfly pricing in?

The prices on our website default to USD (US Dollars). You can also switch to CAD (Canadian Dollars) at the top left of your screen.


Dismantling, Reassembly and Tuning for BBbarfly Pro Series and BBFireFly

The BBbarfly Pro Series and BBFireFly Series are made like most other Bushing style Balisong with washers. Instead of putting a sex bolt on one side and a screw from the other side, we put a threaded sleeve through the pivot section and put screws from both sides. The advantage to doing this is that you are able to use a driver from both sides if the pivot starts to turn with the screw when you're trying to loosen or tighten the pivot section. Other than that they are very similar. They come apart exacltly the same way and go back together exactly the same way. You can remove a screw from one side and push the pivot sleeve out as you would with any other balisong. Sometimes the pivot sleeve may be snug inside the handle and will require you to knock it out with a small pin. These parts are fit together with very tight tolerances. You may also find that our pivot sections have more loctite than usual. The reason for this is because we are loctiting 2 screws per pivot not just one screw. Naturally, this requires twice the amout of loctite. It's not a mistake or because we like wasting this expensive substance :P

BBbarfly products are under rated (this is quickly changing) but make no mistake, the precision level of our BBbarfly Pro Series and our BBFireFly Series balisongs is as good or better than the best of them out there. 


Our first suggestion is always to not take them apart and there is a few reasons for this. First we try to gather as much information as possible before proceeding. Often the issue can be addressed without dismantling the whole thing. OR We may be able to address it under warranty if that's what the situation calls for. Once you take it apart that option is no longer available. Another reason is because we don't know your experience level when it comes to taking apart a precision bushing balisong and putting it back together. The precision and assembly/tuning process that goes into our precision balisongs is often taken for granted. We don't want to suggest anything that will lead to more unncessary issues if that can be avoided. Another reason is because in the past, we have made the mistake of assuming that the person on the other end of the email knows exactly what they are doing. Most often they do not and they end up running into more problems than they started out with. In those cases, it is quite difficult to provide step by step guidance over email so we try to avoid these types of situations whenever possible.

We normally proceed with caution when we receive an email and the first question is, "how do I take it apart?" :) If you sent us an email like this and we suggested for you NOT to take it apart, these are some of the reasons why. At that point it would be helpful if you let us know WHY you want to take it apart. Let us know what the issue is so we can determine the best course of action to address it. 

Most importantly, please understand that our first suggestion is not a put down or intended towards you in a negative manner. Over the years we have seen it all and we have learned that it's always best to go one step at a time for the best possible outcome. We have customers from beginner level to higly experienced level and we can't possibly know where you are on that scale. Before we start getting into taking it apart, it's always best for us to get a good understanding of the particular issue we are trying to fix. Ultimately our goal is the same and we want you to be happy with your BBbarfly Product and our company.

Why should I keep my balisong oiled?

Inside the pivot section there is friction. Oil will keep the washers from wearing. When the washers wear down, you will have increased handle play. We recommend oiling the pivots at least once every few days if you are doing a lot of flipping to minimize friction and wear to the internal parts of the pivot section. Simply apply some oil where the washers are and let it work its way down into the pivot area. You don't need to take it apart to do this. 


Warranty and Repair Services.

We stand behind our workmanship. If you receive your BBbarfly Product and there is a MANUFACTURING issue, contact us immediately and we will address it.
It is a rare occurence but it does happen and whenever it does we will deal with it promptly on a case by case basis.

If you have already taken your BBbarfly apart before contacting us, the warranty is voided. 

If you have had your BBbarfly product for a long time and would like us to service it for you, we will be happy to do that.
You will need to cover the shipping both ways as well as the cost of a hardware kit but we will service it.
There may also be a fee for the service depending on what is required. We will need to assess the situation and let you know.

If your BBbarfly has been modified, we may not be able to service it. 


Returns / Refunds / Exchanges

All of our products are custom made to order. There are 100's possible design combinations and everyone wants something different.
For that reason, we do not accept Returns / Refunds or Exchages.
The product was custom made for you according to your specifications. 

If your package is being shipped overseas, there may be duties and taxes that you need to pay to your local authorities.
Normally your local post office will hold the package for a period of time.
If you fail to pick up your package, we will not be responsible and there will be no refund.
If the package gets returned to us we will contact you and you will need to pay a new shipping fee and we will ship it again.
You can track your package with the tracking details we sent you when we shipped it.



If you have placed an order and it has not already been made, you can cancel your order.
If your order has already been made we will send you a tracking # via a confirmation email.
After that point cancellations are not accepted.

Customer Support Emails.

We receive a lot of emails with no order # and often from email addresses that are not in our customer records so right off the start we don't know if you are actually a customer or if you bought a clone from some overseas website stealing our business and our designs. You're absolutely free to do whatever you want with your money but they should also be providing the support for you in that case. 

If you need help from us it is always best to provide your order # and let us know what the issue is in detail. We will always do our best to help you as quickly as possible.

Please understand that we receive a lot of emails everyday, many of them are junk or scams or from random people taking up our time from helping our actual customers. We can't spend a lot of time trying to figure out who the sender is if they haven't made any effort to let us know who they are.
We do our best to sift through the noise as efficiently as possible but we are not perfect. If we missed something, feel free to email us again. If you forgot to include your order # included it, let us know if we misunderstood your request, it happens but we will take care of it whatever it is. Most importantly, there's nothing personal in any of this ... ever.

Which leads us into another issue that we wish we didn't have to address......





Finally, it's sad that we need to address this but believe it or not it does happen so we want to make it very clear. We sometimes get emails from people using vulgar language and even racial slurs that have no place whatsoever at BBbarfly. No one should be subjected to abusive and aggressive language while they are trying to make an honest living. BBbarfly will not tolerate it and that will result in your email address being blocked.

We have people working for us from all different backgrounds and and we always do our best to be as helpful to you as possible. There are times when we receive an email and our response is limited either because of the lack of clarity in the contents of the email we received and or the unknown source of the email itself. IT'S NOT PERSONAL

So please keep in mind, at the end of the day we are dealing with lifeless metal objects through a lifeless electronic medium but there is a real person on the other end trying to do a job as best they can. 


Thank you 
The BBbarfly Team.