BBbarfly OG / OG2

1. Choose Design Category
2. Choose Design
3. Choose Handles Colors
4. Choose OG or OG2 Upgrade
(More about this upgrade below)

Clear Design Plain Bbbarfly 0.00

Upgrade to BBbarfly OG2 (only USD $15.00)


What is OG2?

The OG2 upgrade adds T10 Torx Pivot Hardware and Bushings to your BBbarfly. This greatly improves the performance and precision of the balisong while allowing you to tune and easily maintain your BBbarfly as desired. Simply choose the OG2 option before "Adding to Cart" 



 We put the "Fun" in Functional



OG and OG2 Graphics, Colours and Designs

How do you get the graphics onto the handles?

The designs are printed on vinyl using a "Thermal Transfer" process and "wrapped" onto the handles. Our vinyl wraps are made from the highest quality 3M vinyl on the market. They are ultra thin and incredibly durable. Our printing resins go on dry and they are extremely resistant to wear and tear. We recommend only washing by hand with warm water and soap. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

The handle colors are produced using a powder coating process. From batch to batch there may be a slight change in the shade of a color. This is due to availability of colors at the time we do a production powder coating run.